Smart Spaces & Homes

Buildings and public spaces are dynamic entities in continuous interaction with users, resources, suppliers, and the surrounding environment. And with real-time data from building components (Smart Meters, HVAC, lighting, electricity, security, telecommunications, multimedia, computer, access control, etc) we have new opportunities to automate home management and control.
 The challenge is in 1) integrating the analysis from all these sources of information, and 2) building real-time, data-driven solutions that provide an actionable view of the facility.

While smart building solutions mature, the proliferation of low cost sensors, broadband internet connectivity, and mobile services have eliminated the barriers for smart home developers. As a result, companies are willing to leverage these new platforms to capture new service opportunities, while users, by their side, benefit from an improved service experience.

Novelti is joining forces with INDRA and ACING to make water consumption safer and more efficient in public areas. To do this, we’ve been selected to provide Novelti analytics platform to selected public buildings in Madrid where we will be using our capabilities to learn about the buildings’ overall consumption.

Smart meters at these sites provide us with a detailed real-time data of their water consumption. By disaggregating this data, Novelti can help site admin and other relevant bodies understand when, how, and where their water is consumed: appliance usage, for example, or watering of green areas. Because our service also includes real-time machine learning, Novelti is able to learn the behavior of consumption data and set up alarms when it detects abnormal consumption.