Devices are no longer enough. People and companies are expecting complete personalized service experiences, and makers are looking for solutions to make sense of the data they collect in order to build these services.

Most common IoT platforms give developers access to raw data streams and provide only the basic data collection functionalities. Meanwhile, developers carry the burden of analyzing data offline through painful and often imprecise manual modeling. This approach does not scale, and makers usually end up with very simple reporting services. The solution? Use Novelti.

Novelti provides an out-of-the box behavior analytics service that allow makers and developers to connect their sensor data streams and autonomously receive the real time intelligence needed to provide interactive services on top of their physical devices.

TECNILÓGICA, is a company specializing in the development of digital projects, building new experiences for end users. They focus on technologies such user interaction, virtual reality, digital signage, Internet of Things, and analytics.

Partnering with Novelti, TECNILÓGICA is integrating IoT devices and real time analytics to build innovative business solutions and create new, end-to-end digital experiences for utilities, smart homes, car manufacturers, and retailers.