M2M Carriers

Ubiquitous connectivity is changing the way we use communication networks, as new interaction patterns arise between users and devices, and between the devices themselves.

These changes pose challenges to network users and providers. Telecom carriers and IoT solution providers need to be able to continuously monitor the network in order to learn how these new demand patterns impact performance and reliability. Novelti streaming intelligence helps them proactively manage the network behavior to deliver the best service quality in a flexible and scalable way.

Novelti is working with its partner Blue Telecom Consulting (BlueTC®), an international consultancy specialised in telecom network monitoring and operation, to provide autonomous streaming analytics solutions for M2M network operators.

Together with Novelti, BlueTC provides an innovative analytics service that enables discovering and profiling these new connectivity patterns. This provides network operators with predictive insights on possible service degradations and informs about relevant anomalies at an early stage. Network operators may also discover how these situations impact the different connected assets and how this affects service quality over time.