Industrial IoT

With so many new sensor technologies available today, data collection is becoming easier than ever, bringing with it the potential to transform industry. But the challenge of analyzing data remains expensive and tedious. Most monitoring solutions require expert help and constant updating, costing time and money. As systems become more complex, so does the effort required to maintain monitoring infrastructure, and it no longer scales.

Novelti takes the pain (and your wallet) out of the analytics process. When you introduce Novelti to your operations workflow, we automatically analyze all of your sensor streams. Novelti learns the different behaviors of your connected assets, spots anomalies, predicts failures, and provides real-time insights on the overall operation and performance of your plants.

PROCON, an industrial process and automation firm, has developed an IoT condition monitoring device that can collect any kind of real-time data from different industrial protocols. When the device is integrated with Novelti, our customers are provided with an autonomously updated condition model that they can use to monitor the behavior of the plant, its overall performance, and updated predictive maintenance procedures.

These new capabilities allow the procedures to adapt and evolve as needed, detecting anomalies without any extra work on the part of our customers’ operational analysts. As a result, the service can scale more efficiently to larger and more complex asset networks.