Health Care & Weareables

The massive adoption of wearable technologies is transforming the health care service model, allowing care givers to collect biometric data that is more precise— and in real-time. Combined with proper analytics capabilities, we have even more opportunities to leverage this data and create better, more efficient care services.

Novelti can recognize small changes in physiological parameters and trigger alerts at the earliest stages of a situation, allowing physicians to spot early warnings and react proactively. Novelti can also learn the patterns underlying these critical situations, profile patient’s conditions with the collected data, and discover trends in real-time. These analytical capabilities provide actionable, real-time information that allow healthcare providers to personalize their services based on individual data analytics.

MAINTOOL is a wearable device manufacturer that has built the most adoptive health-monitoring solution yet: a classic watch strap made “smart,” seamlessly integrating electronics and health-monitoring sensors. The smart strap can even be fitted to the wristwatch you wear every day, without hindering on design or flexibility.

Through the collaboration of insurance companies and senior homes, the MAINTOOL solution has the potential to improve the quality of life of senior citizens who need to regularly monitor their health. Novelti provides the required autonomous and adaptive analytics back-end that leverages sensor data streams for different use cases, from fall prevention to chronic cardiac monitoring.