We are happy to announce the release of a renewed Novelti documentation site. The new page is mainly intended to provide an additional support channel for our community of users. On this new site they may find technical information on Novelti, updated product feature documentation, API specifications and much more.

The main sections of the Novelti documentation site are:

  • Product Features: provides a complete description of Novelti’s features and is constantly updated as soon as new features become available on the Novelti service.
  • API Documentation: that contains the API function documentation and usage details, both for our Ingestion API and Novelti API, with detailed use case examples.
  • Tutorialsprovides various detailed examples of Novelti usage. These tutorials are helpful to start using Novelti following specific use examples, including all the different Internet of Things scenarios Novelti is focused on. We currently have some very simple use cases posted, but new examples are coming.
  • Novelti Technologyexplains the different technical features of Novelti. Some examples are the glossary of the machine learning concepts we use and an overview of the Novelti Architecture. Other topics, such as API usage, integration and scalability are also covered here.
  • Documentation Blogwhere announcements are made concerning new features, updated use case examples and documentation entries.

If you have any further questions about the product, our technology or any other request or concern, please drop us a line at support@novelti.io. Enjoy!