This year, Endesa, Spain’s largest electric utility company, selected Novelti’s Chief Technology Officer Alvaro Agea to join a group of five big data experts from around the world in the Endesa Datathon. The Datathon is an innovation competition that brings together developers, designers, and business development experts to come up with solutions to major energy challenges. Participants submit their ideas, using a fictitious data set provided by Endesa, and over the course of six months the best ideas are refined with the guidance of leading experts in the field.

This year, the challenge is focused on improving energy efficiency in Spanish homes. Our solution? An automated energy profiling and prediction tool that helps households answer questions about their consumption of energy — questions like, “How much energy should I be consuming?” “Is my current consumption efficient?” and “How does my energy consumption compare to similar households?”

We wanted to build a tool that is both engaging and helps users answer these questions in a straightforward way, so NOVELTI will not only profile user consumption in real time, but also predict suboptimal energy consumption patterns for users and give them an efficiency score, a single number that allows consumers to easily understand how their energy consumption ranks and what their opportunity for savings is. We’re also integrating a “global profiler,” allowing households to compare their profile to others.

We’re excited to see where this project goes in the next few months. To learn more about the competition and who’s involved, check out the Endesa Datathon video.