Smart software, small sensors, and pervasive computing are conquering the physical world. As more advanced technology allows us to seamlessly interact with our environment, it’s becoming easier to harness the data from these interactions and use it to create hyper-personalized services – anywhere, anytime.

If only it were that simple.

Most sensor networks produce vast amounts of data – data that requires a significant amount of maintenance for it to be useful. Signatures, databases, and models all need to be updated, and as monitoring infrastructure grows, it becomes impossible to scale. This presents a challenge if you’re trying to transform data into actionable intelligence: how can we understand system behaviors if our models are always outdated? And how can we turn sensor networks into reliable service delivery platforms?

Novelti makes this transformation possible. We apply advanced, unsupervised, machine-learning algorithms to massive data streams: monitoring system behavior, spotting anomalies, and detecting new behaviors as they happen. Novelti predicts the evolution of user–selected patterns and provides the relevant information to proactively manage and optimize the value of any asset network.

When introducing Novelti into your IoT operations workflow, it creates a detailed behavior dictionary tailored to your sensors, allowing you to trigger alarms, spot system transitions, and detect the causes of patterns and anomalies.

Most of all, Novelti is autonomous. It does not require any data science skills, and we provide it as a service. No query-setting or question-formulating necessary. No time wasted searching for specific patterns. It comes with all the out-of-the box features that you need: easy, smart, integratable and collaborative.

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