Smart devices are everywhere. Your phone, your watch, your thermostat. Micro sensors embedded in every day appliances are making us more adaptable and efficient, transmitting a vast universe of data as we go about our daily lives — data about our energy consumption, our physical activity, and the quality of our sleep.

At Novelti, we are fascinated by what you can do with data. So we built a platform that analyses all the information provided by your smart devices, and uses it to build personalized services.

How does it work? Let’s walk through an example. Imagine we manufactured a washing machine and connected it to the Internet with three sensors: a status sensor, a vibration sensor, and an energy meter.

Each of these sensors would collect a different kind of data to feed to the Novelti platform. The status sensor would allow us to profile users based on the their settings and preferences; the vibration meter would monitor the performance of the washing machine; and the energy meter would track energy usage.

Combined, the analytics from this data could be used to improve product design, build technical support services, and even build an energy efficiency service — shared directly with the user, or with a partner utility company — in real time.

The beauty of Novelti? It’s all autonomous. We learn the behaviours of the machine automatically, detect anomalies, and send you alerts when something is wrong, allowing you to react as problems arise.

The washing machine is just one example of how our platform can leverage your smart device to provide valuable services, and we are constantly looking for new ways to support and build the next generation of IoT intelligence. Drop us a line or ask us any questions at