Novelti provides the next generation of IoT intelligence,
allowing you to leverage your smart devices to provide data driven interactive services.

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Novelti uses online machine learning algorithms
to turn IoT data streams into actionable intelligence.
It keeps models updated to provide relevant insights for business analysts.

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How Novelti Works

Novelti adds real-time intelligence to your sensor network, giving you access to the cutting edge in machine learning, anomaly detection and pattern recognition. Novelti is an autonomous service that does not require any data science skills.


Connect your devices, and Novelti analyzes the data, learns the relevant behaviors of your system, and provides you with valuable real-time insights.


Novelti spots anomalies and detects patterns by creating a behavioral model for your devices that you can explore, annotate and study.


Novelti provides predictive monitoring of your system, alerting you about anomalies and important behavioral changes.


Let Novelti allows you to learn from your whole device network: discover collective patterns, as well as their impact over time.

Novelti‘s next generation of IoT intelligence has helped our customers leverage smart devices and sensor networks to build valuable services. Our use cases range from predictive maintenance in Industry, to advanced profiling in smart metering scenarios.


Novelti provides real-time smart analytics for IoT environments with all of the out-of-the box features that you need: easy, smart, autonomous and collaborative.

Online Machine Learning

Novelti uses on-line machine learning algorithms and techniques to deliver real-time insights. Models and results are always relevant and updated. No retraining, no query, no hassle.

Anomalies and Behaviors

Novelti autonomously learns the behavior of your sensor data streams and notifies you when unusual situations appear. It provides information about what is happening at every moment, in the moment, and alerts you about anomalies and transitions at the early stages.


Novelti provides real-time, updated reports on the behavioral evolution of your systems. It tracks when specific anomalies appear and how long they last, and provides this information in historical dashboards that summarize the changes in your IoT environment.


Novelti has been designed for massive IoT deployments. It can provide smart alerts on the behavior of connected assets, profile device usage and behavior in large groups, and even describe how anomalies affect specific subsets of devices.

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